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Life in the Trenches

The reality of caring for a medically fragile loved one. By Mary Latini It could happen to anyone. One day we are moving along in life with our biggest care in life being what to barbecue and who to invite. Then, in a snap, an accident, or a debilitating illness occurs and our life becomesContinue reading “Life in the Trenches”

Home for the hopeless🌷

By Mary Latini The first time I heard someone suggest putting my son in a home, I could not bear it. It was unthinkable. It came from a family member who was a seasoned social worker. She knew what was ahead. I guess I was naive. Kevin at the time was 5 years old. TakingContinue reading “Home for the hopeless🌷”

Welcome to Hell Land

By Mary Latini The very first thought on every parent’s mind when their child is diagnosed with autism is that somehow we are going to defeat this. It does not matter what type of crap anyone feeds you, you are inclined to believe it. My (now x) husband with his degree in psychology and steadyContinue reading “Welcome to Hell Land”


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Mary Latini

I’m the mother of 2 boys; now both teens. One severely autistic, nonverbal with severe epilepsy, and the other an extraordinarily boy who is clairvoyant, a gifted musician and a passionate aviator.
I am a lifelong piano teacher and blessed to have a career doing what I love. This blog is about the amazing lessons my boys have given me through our journey together.

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